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The Mortgage Calculator below can be used to calculate your monthly mortgage payments. The mortage calculator has 4 inputs required to calculate the mortgage monthly payments. The Home Price input is the the price you'll be paying for the home you are buying. The Downpayment is how much money you put down towards the home purchase. The Interest Rate input is the mortgage annual interest rate. The last field Term in Years specify the mortgage loan duration (25 years for example).

After entering the 4 input fields and clicking the Calculate button you will get your monthly mortgage payment (principal + interest) in the Monthly payment field.

Home Price
Interest Rate (Annually) %
Term in Years
Monthly Payment

Things to keep in mind:

1. The above calculations assume constant interest rate during the life of the mortgage and compound the interest monthly.

2. We do not offer financial advice and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the above calculations. You should not rely on this mortgage calculator alone for estimating your mortgage payments and interest fees.